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Be it your home or office, the roof is an important structure of your architectural layout which is sheltering the entire building against natural calamities and adverse weather conditions. If you are seeking a reliable roof cleaning service, our team of professional experts are ready to meet the client needs here at Roof Cleaning Team. The roof cleaning company has an adroit team of expert roof cleaners and skilled workers who can fix the cracks and leaks in the roof through the modern mechanical means. A lot of debris, moss, mold and algae can also grow on rooftops if they have not been cleaned or washed for a long time. Find the best kind of services in roof cleaning by calling us over 800-498-1130 for the best kind of eco friendly cleaning chemicals and solutions.


Exemplary services

It is not easy to find the right kind of roof cleaning company who is sincere, experienced and provide good services. But our efficient roof cleaning company at Roof Cleaning Team make use of a biocide fungal wash. It possesses a low pressure spray and succeeds in termination of the moss, algae and lichen on the roof top to make it clean and germ free. After the implementation of this treatment, a colorless and lucid solution is sprayed on the roof for a finishing touch. Eco friendly chemicals are utilized to make use of the stains and spot removals on the roof.


Online and phone access

The roof cleaning service is always available at even a short term notice or in case of any emergency. We use high quality products and eco friendly solutions to clean out your roof successfully, leaving no speck of dirt, dust or debris.

We are always available at our customer help desk on 800-498-1130 or even online.

Flawless customer care

The most splendid kind of customer care is provided here at Roof Cleaning Team. When it comes to roof cleaning services, we don’t limit ourselves just to residential or commercial buildings but also shopping malls, theatre centers, public halls and high-rise buildings.

You are even welcome to mail us the scanned pictures of your roof area and considering the roof area covered and work to be done, we would provide you an estimated quote that too, free of charge.

Legal checks and documents

The expert workers at the roof cleaning company in Roof Cleaning Team have official licenses, government certificates and years of solid experience to their credit. There would no problems with insurance or roof cleaning contracts, while working with our roof cleaning company. You can ask any of our workers for his legal work permit and he would be happy to show it to you. The kind of roof you have will determine the kind of roof cleaning services which can be discussed with our professionals over 800-498-1130, anytime.

Highest standards of professional excellence

The roof cleaning services at Roof Cleaning Team work in a very co-operative manner within a quick turnaround time. We use a very low amount of pressure cleaning or none at all as it can damage the shingles of roof and decrease its functional value. Our work standards are matchless and incomparable here at Roof Cleaning Team at budget friendly costs.

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